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Research team and tasks






Dr. Minna Poranen – Molecular Biology of dsRNA Viruses 

  • Application of a bacterial dsRNA production platform for dsRNA synthesis
  • Different purification protocols
  • Upscaling of dsRNA production






Prof. Anant Patel - Fermentation and Formulation of Biologicals and Chemicals

  • Formulation of dsRNA for enhanced stability and uptake by plants
  • Development of a sprayable carrier liquid
  • Development of a scalable fermentation process for dsRNA production





Prof. Karl-Heinz Kogel - Plant Protection and Plant Diseases - fungi and insects

  • Effect of dsRNA formulations against different fungi and aphids
  • Underlying mechanisms of dsRNA uptake and activity 
  • Effect of temperature (changing climate) 






Prof. Manfred Heinlein – Plant Virus Movement (coordinator)

  • Effect of dsRNA formulations against viruses
  • Underlying mechanism of dsRNA uptake and activity
  • Effect of temperature (changing climate)